Technical Framework

Galeria de Arte Digital do SESI

Environment / Location
The Galeria de Arte Digital do SESI-SP is a unique and permanent space to display projects destined only to cultural content and experimentations, located in FIESP/SESI Building – Avenida Paulista 1313, São Paulo. <Briefing Ecopoéticas>
Avenida Paulista is the most representative Avenue of Latin America. Is the main financial center but is also very importante for its entertainment and cultural centrality. Has the largest number of corporate headquarters, banks, consulates, hotels, hospitals, and scientific, cultural and educational institutions in Brasil.
On this Avenue millions of people from all regions of the city and beyond pass daily. São Paulo is a very big city but almost has no areas of social conviviality in public space. This avenue focuses on its broad sidewalks large number of pedestrians, dozens of public transport stops and its one of the few regions that brings together people of all classes and social functions.
Camera SetupPerspective General

Infrastructure Type
Permanent, Nighttime, Display

Nodes/ Pixels
The LED platform is formed by a network of approximately 26. 000 LED Clusters (pixels) embedded in 3.700 m ² metal structure (three faces) that covers the FIESP building. Each Cluster/Pixel are formed by 4 LEDs: 2 red, 1 green and 1 blue (2R1G1B), luminous Intensity 4.5 cd / cluster.

Interactive Interfaces
The gallery has no permanent interfaces, considering the needs of each project and the municipal regulation in public spaces, interface devices are installed temporarily.

Operatinal System / PC
– Operating System: PC, MAC
– Imposa Player inslatlled on a PC for transmission of content in videos format (.MOV)
– Type of video inputs: VGA or DVI

Internet access & connectivity
Control room: Cable conection to PC/MAC and Wi-Fi
Interaction area: long distance Wi-Fi

Pixel Map
Height – 168 pixels

Lateral Left Front Area Lateral Right
Top: 10 pixels Top: 52 pixels Top: 8 pixels
Base: 62 pixels Base: 93 pixels Base: 59 pixels

Position on the left side on the video: (x,y) = 37,259