05.09.2011 Mo/Mon 20:00-21:00, MASCHINENRAUM

Memories of Now – Spirit of the Positron

Deep Space will be the point of departure of the maiden voyage of Memories of Now – Spirit of the Positron. Austria’s first and only multimedia, transmedial comic will beam into a interactive universe of sound and high-definition imagery.

Daniel Dorobanțu (RO), Michaela Konrad (AT) featuring Eugene Neacșu (RO)
With the support of the Rumanian Cultural Institute
Mo/Mon 5.9., 20:00 – 21:00
Ars Electronica Quarter, Maschinenraum

01.09.2011 Do/Thu 19:00-21:00, MASCHINENRAUM

Experimental Game Design

Young designers and up-and-coming creatives
in the field of interactive game design will work
together with festivalgoers to come up with
elements for a game. The aim is blend in analog
techniques to produce a game-playing performance
for the theatrical stage.

FH Hagenberg (AT) /  Studiengänge Interactive Media und Digital Arts
Mi/Wed 31.8. – Di/Tue 6.9., 10:00 – 21:00
Performance: Do/Thu 1.9., 19:00 – 21:00
Ars Electronica Quarter, Zwischendeck und Maschinenraum

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01.09.2011 Do/Thu - 06.09.2011 Di/Tue, MASCHINENRAUM

Cosmic Origin

Top experts will convey their astronomical knowledge to novices, intermediate students and advanced practitioners, and elaborate on what humankind now knows about the universe. Jerry T. Bonell (US) of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center will explain the “hot universe” that is brimming with high-energy insights. Scientists of the European Southern Observatory in Chile, on the other hand, will introduce us to the “cold universe”. The visible portion of the cosmos will be explained by Dietmar Hager (AT), an astrophotographer who’s certainly the right man for this job.

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05.09.2011 Mo/Mon 17:00-18:00 & 19:00 - 20:00, MASCHINENRAUM

Visual Sound Tour

Linz Music School is reprising last year’s very successful concert with another guest appearance at the Ars Electronica Center.

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03.09.2011 Sa/Sat 13:00 - 14:00, 20:00 - 21:00 & 04.09.2011 So/Sun 15:00-16:00, MASCHINENRAUM

The Art of Body Mass – Dancing the Theremin

The theremin is said to be the oldest purely electronic musical instrument. The model presented here doesn’t have to be touched, and can be played by the musician’s whole body.

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To kick off u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD, actor/entertainer Tom Pohl (AT) will moderate a presentation of the various Open Labs. More entertainment follows: the AkkuRace featuring do-it-yourself vehicles and drivers powered by two tiny batteries.
How fascinating the world of physics and astronomy is will be demonstrated by scientists at the Institute of High Energy Physics (AT) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT) in Deep Space. In the spirit of u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD, the Gameboy Music Club (AT) will show that technology doesn’t always have to be used the way its inventors and producers intended—the musicians will play a concert on commercially available Gameboys.
Then things get funky—the Tesla Orchestra (US) puts on a far-out show in which high tension is transformed into sound and the sparks really fly. For the grand finale, Michael Mayr (AT) and Kid Soylent (AT) will do a live show featuring music and great visuals on and with the Ars Electronica Center’s media façade.
Anyone who would like to help make the opening a glowing success can craft his/her own Blinky—a glowing hat, blinking robot or a brilliantly colorful hairband—and wear it throughout the evening.

Am 31.8. geht es los, mit CREATE YOUR WORLD, dem Jugendfestival der Ars Electronica.

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31.8.2011 Mi/Wed - 02.09.2011 Fr/Fr; 04.09.2011 So/Sun - 06.09.2011 Di/Tue ZWISCHENDECK und MASCHINENRAUM

Teilchen & Kosmos

The Institute of High Energy Physics (AT) offers a glimpse behind the scenes of scientific research. The Cosmic Radiation workshop gives an up-close look at the state of the universe shortly after The Big Bang. At The Secret of Particles from Outer Space, kids can enter a kind of spark chamber and experience how mysterious particles from the cosmos bombard Earth. The 3-D film Inside LHC accompanies Austrian physicist Michael Hoch on his way down into the LHC’s 27km-long tunnel.

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