The program of this year’s Ars Electronica includes more than 500 events and will be uploaded during the summer months. For the first orientation, here is an initial overview of the most important exhibitions, conferences and events:

THU September 6 – MON September 10, 2018, all day

ERROR – The Art of Imperfection The huge exhibition dealing with the theme of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival brings together a wide variety of artistic approaches. In the catacombs of POSTCITY.
CyberArts Experience the year’s most outstanding works of media art. At the OK Center for Contemporary Art.
STARTS Prize Exhibition Draw inspiration from trailblazing collaboration at the nexus of science, technology and art! In POSTCITY.
Interface Cultures Campus Exhibition Unconventional, young and wild—meet & greet the next generation media artists getting their training at Linz Art University. In POSTCITY.
Campus Exhibition The hexagram network presents a best-of Canadian media art. At Linz Art University.
Future Innovators Summit Exciting things happen when artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, social activists and philosophers explore new modes of collective brainstorming and creative prototype development. In POSTCITY.
u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD What are the younger generation’s visions of the future? Find out in POSTCITY.
Deep Space 8K – Festival Lineup 16-by-9-meter projections on the wall and floor at 8K resolution—Deep Space 8K is a mind-blowing experience! At the Ars Electronica Center.
VRLab Gaming industry pros aren’t the only ones who are keen on virtual reality; lots of artists are taking advantage of its potential too. At the Ars Electronica Center.
Featured Artists Ars Electronica annually anoints an artist or artists’ collective as the festival’s Featured Artist and showcases their work. At the LENTOS Art Museum.
Ars Electronica Animation Festival Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has stages a worldwide search for excellence in animation. The year’s best works are screened by the Ars Electronica Animation Festival. In Moviemento.

THU September 6, 2018

Festival Opening The evening festivities concluding Day 1 include performances, concerts and DJ sets. In POSTCITY.
Expanded Animation This conference features top-name experts discussing the latest trends in the field of animation. Im CENTRAL.

FRI September 7, 2018

ERROR – The Art of Imperfection – Symposium The multi-day symposium on the festival theme is the most important conference at every Ars Electronica. In POSTCITY.
STARTS Day STARTS, an initiative of the European Commission, features innovative collaboration between industry and art. In POSTCITY.
Prix Forum I – Computer Animation The Prix Forums offer opportunities for personal contact with prizewinning artists from all over the world. Im CENTRAL.
Expanded Animation Im CENTRAL.
BR41N.IO Hackathon At this two-day hackathon, the focus is on brain-computer interfaces. In POSTCITY.
Ars Electronica Gala The Golden Nica statuettes are bestowed upon the Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners at the Gala in the Brucknerhaus.
POSTCITY-Nightline Performances, concerts, DJ sets, the whole night long. In POSTCITY.

SAT September 8, 2018

Prix Forum II – Digital Communities At the OK Center for Contemporary Art.
Prix Forum III – Interactive Art+ At the OK Center for Contemporary Art.
Helpers Conference The deviation from the norm and how we deal with it is also the topic of the helpers conference – it is about projects that show how beneficial and profitable social, cultural and ethnic deviations from the social norm can be for all those (may be) involved. In the POSTCITY.
BR41N.IO Hackathon In POSTCITY.
Organic Farmers’ Market Preserving tradition and oriented on the future—this is the place to get organic foodstuffs produced right here in the region. In der POSTCITY.
Sonic Saturday A day for experts on sound art, computer music and auditive media art. At Anton Bruckner Private University.
Sparkasse OÖ Visualisierte Klangwolke 2018 Music, performances, fireworks – The Visualized Cloud of Sound is one of Europe’s largest open-air spectacles. In Donaupark.
OK Night DJs from all over the world; a must for night owls. At the OK Center for Contemporary Art.

SUN September 9, 2018

Theme Symposium „Error“ In POSTCITY.
Big Concert Night The Bruckner Orchestra under chief conductor Markus Poschner kick off the program; they’re followed by Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners. The Big Concert Night is a highlight of every Ars Electronica Festival! In POSTCITY.

MON September 10, 2018

Music Monday After the Sonic Saturday the format is all about digital music! At Anton Bruckner Private University.
The Ars Electronica Festival program with details about all exhibitions and events will be published in summer 2018.