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The notion of self within a biological soup, is mainly obtained
from undocumented daily activity. Although all the various tools
that are used by human kind ie books, film, tv, art etc amount to
a great archive, it is by far overshadowed by the enormous database
that each of us carry silently screaming within us.

Much has been made of the great advances in technology but really there
has been very little advance in the cataloguing of this "Personal
Cyberspace".  If one wished to take an example from literature, Alfred
Kubin (A great writer/artist from Austria) described such turmoil in his
"Die Andere Seite" (The Other Side).  He spent most of his later years in
isolation and it would be a rather impudent and presumptuous person who
could use his works to describe the reality that Kubin would have
encountered in these later and isolated years.

I am very pleased that the communication and multifaceted aspect that
webness is allowing us has transpired during my waking years but I feel
that there is much to be discussed regarding the effect on the self
valuation that these new, abundant and very high speed data immersions are
having on our spirit. If I do enter without leave from the Metaverse, then
will I still be writing this?

I regard this as an opening comment and look forward to its evolution by

Christian Kokai-Kun, Unley, SA


[Christian Kokai-Kun also submitted a short story to FleshFactor, 
"bIOCHEM nANO rOBS", that will appear soon in the FleshFactor

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