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thanks for the interesting responses.

i agree with moly who says that he thinks of technology as
a dead thing; or perhaps a dying thing.  the crash analogy
reminds me of the essays i have read by paul virilio and
donna harraway: the annihilation of distance, the celebration
of the mating of the mechanical and the human.  it reminds
me also of a thought i have written about before: that humanity
seeks redemption in the metallic masks of god.

the people who react to this weird marriage (and i think
that duchamp painted it nicely in the Bride/Bachelors canvas)
do so in ways that seem strange to me: creating metaphors
of frontiers and prairies, as if the westward expansion/colonizing
impulse were now headed into the ether and telephonic space,
as if colonizing telephonic space somehow absolved the 
conquest instinct of its paternalism.

on the other side i am fascinated by the idea that the net
could awaken, that it is awakening, and it reminds me of the
stories i have heard of the gods awakening from their dreams.

i have been reading the works of dr. francis heylighen.  they
seem like visionary poetry to me sometimes.

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