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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

In my work, I have been asking the question
"What is the relationship of cyberspace to the natural world?"
Images collected from nature are combined with synthetic images generated
from within the machine. The resulting, synthesized imagery comes from a
complex weave of transparency, texture mapping, animated texture mapping,
animated lighting, matting, morphing and other techniques.
This process creates a visual representation of the synthesis of natural
and technical.

I am interested in addressing this question on three levels, beginning with
the personal. I am in a constant state, literally, daily, of trying to
navigate between my life-long inclination to be Nature Girl and life as we
live it in the late twentieth century. I want stuff from both of those
worlds. I am at least resolved that I cannot be a purist and so I must
blend. My work is a visual artifact of that process.

I go out into nature. I spend time there, often gathering
imagery/data/information. But more, what I am doing is entering, or trying
to enter, the mind of nature, an actual space or dimension, that one can go
into if one pays attention. It is akin to a dream state, or shared
unconscious, but it is also connected to what is commonly called

I work on a computer, this is the way, the where, I do my art. The
creative process has always been primary and the source of the creative
process is a space that is internal, infinite and shared, access to which
is commonly through the unconscious, but also through meditative practice,
trance.  Buddhists describe a realm they call the Sambokataga. It is the
realm of speech, communication and imagery. Because the computer is a tool
humans have created in their own image, that is, in terms of mind process,
interaction with the machine supports the Sambokataga realm. 

The cyberspace that I refer to is a more private space than is commonly
understood in these days of network. It is that same space, none-the-less.
It is a cyborgian space created by my mind, in the machine, with the
machine. So on the personal level there is synthesis.

Addressing this question on the species level: Humans seem to be unique on
this planet, in that they have two natures. They live in the world of
animal nature but also in the world of mind. In different cultures, from
time-to-time, this has been a conflict, source of irritation, contemplation
and growth. Each person deals with this dichotomy. It is the human

As a species we must unite and evolve to a place where human culture and
natural processes are integrated, where each can survive and thrive. In
this state, human life and thought are nourished and further, the planet,
in its life, is cherished. Again, synthesis of the natural and the

As a species we are not going to return to some natural, savage state (if
we were ever there). We will continue to evolve our technology, but this
must be in harmony with the life of the planet.

We will insert the human into the body of the planet. We will find a way to
integrate technology into the mind of the planet. We will exist with the
earth as a global cyborg.

Anne Farrell        <afarrell@santa-fe.cc.nm.us>

Electronic Graphics
Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Avenue
Santa Fe NM 87505

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