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the relationship between the human and the machine and the natural
is becoming less difficult to map.  it is becoming less difficult
to map as the metaphors that describe the relationship become clearer.

in Simians, Cyborgs, and Women, for example, Dr. Donna Haraway describes,
in speaking of cyborgs, an origin mythology which does not include nature,
the Garden, and salvation history. in the Oncomouse book, Dr. Haraway
uses the exercise machine as one metaphor for the disconnection of the
human away from nature and the movement of the human towards spiritual
identification with the machine. 

One can say a lot about the process of identity formation through
hysterical identification, especially about this process as a key to
understanding the way that identity is constituted in the late 20th

i read Haraway and i get the distinct feeling that what we are seeing
in cyberspace is, at least in part, a chance to watch the hysterical
identity-creation process at work up close and personal. 

Dr. Haraway has, in my opinion, observed and articulated the beginning of
a new cosmo-ology/ogony, the origin mythologies of which are resting
quietly within the pages of science fiction novels.  I admire Haraway
tremendously for having the courage to write what she sees.  Pray God we
get to have an /osophy, too... 

this marriage is also under discussion in the works of Beaudrillard
(Simulations, Silent Majority) where he talks about the increasing
popularity of anything that is highly mediated.

i think that there is no road back to the garden, and that whatever road
used previously has been closed ever since the picnic became a social
institution. the picnic says that we are strangers in the garden.  take
beaudrillard far enough and a case can be made that "nature" itself is a
simulation, because "nature" is mediated by perceptual instincts and
filters that have been mediated by education, by Rousseau & St. Francis
of Assisi, and by the art of painting, just for starters.

thanks, humdog

in earthspace
Carmen Hermosillo 
market research analyst
Seagate Software Corp

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