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> i think that there is no road back to the garden, and that whatever road
> used previously has been closed ever since the picnic became a social
> institution. the picnic says that we are strangers in the garden.  take
> beaudrillard far enough and a case can be made that "nature" itself is a
> simulation, because "nature" is mediated by perceptual instincts and
> filters that have been mediated by education, by Rousseau & St. Francis
> of Assisi, and by the art of painting, just for starters.

As an artist who has been passionately building 
kinetic machines with emergent behavior for over 
30 years, I am certainly not one to view "Nature" 
in its usual romantic sense. To close its lessons 
off from contemplation, on the basis that the
world we have inherited is now somehow inaccessable,
irrelevant or illusory, I think is foolhardy. I 
would argue that now, more than ever, we need its 
long-evolved wisdom in dealing with power-structures 
and information.

Thanks, Norm


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