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REPORT FROM BODY ELECTRIC  (see FF moderator's end note below)

In our parallel world we have used fiction in an attempt to will new
memes.  The b/e listserv generated this question:  If you gave birth to a
virtual baby, would you feel a sense of loss in the real world? 

The answer was yes but that this could be offset by the creation of mombots. 
A storyline ensued in which the vbabies interleaf with monkeys and attack 
the fugu artists, as follows ....

>Enter mombots with vengeance. Who are these fugu artists? Let us see
>their papers. No virtue. Out with them. Knocking the artists aside, they
>quickly build nests out of pussy willows. Soon little villages ring with
>the cries of vbabies. At their edges, artists grovel for scraps,
>haughtily dispensed by the monkeys. The earth still throbs, turning up
>new monsters and unspeakable mutations. Most species mature and die out
>within hours, but the vbabies prove to be a hardy strain, fiercely
>guarded by mombots and the monkey army. 

Soon all the fugu artists as well as the rest of the humans die away leaving
the earth to the hardy and protective and vicious mombots and capricious
monkey army. This new life form calls itself the BodyElectric and proudly
surveys the earth  Proud New Masters of Earth. ...  except staring back at
them they see:
                           ....  Insects ....

>It's a close contest. Post-human knowhow versus the Insect Trust. The most 
>their own colonies--each one a distributed population of millions, a 
>network of little feifdoms, each being born and dying off at different 
>rates, sometimes at war, sometimes invention... whole systems interfering 
>with other empires at ever heightened concept threshlolds. Vbabies are 
>smart. They make a symbiotic pact with the Anarchy of Bacteria and move on 
>the Insect Trust. They send out dia-spores to broadcast a numinous cream of 
>mushroom cloud. Psychedelic recombinations of light, water and free 
>floating DNA create dazzling nano-cultures that provide resilient
>pleasure domes for incipient vbaby consciousness.

................to be continued...

I hope this is useful...

Hank Bull
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

FF moderator's note:  Hank Bull is the discussion moderator for the "Body
Electric" net-discussion.  This discussion is connected to the 3rd
Vancouver Electronic Arts Festival, this year focusing on the "BODY
ELECTRIC".  The EAF takes place from May 14-18, 1997 at The Western Front
in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For further information check out
their website:  http://www.eciad.bc.ca/~front/eaf/

Quoting from the "BODY ELECTRIC" literature:  "Our bodies, our machines? 
Extensions of the senses change the way we see ourselves and alter our
sense of personal identity.  Network communications create new social
patterns and revolutionize the 'Body Politic'."

Hank, thanks for your report,

T.S., FleshFactor Net-Symposium

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