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On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Tom Sherman wrote in his 'reflection' message:

> ... Institutions are only one variety of memory and
> stability...socially arresting manifestations of
> intelligence...what about the value of the individual in this
> process of reflection and reorientation: his or her memory,
> consciousness, intuition and instincts?

Yes, how will the inevitable conflict between the "lossy institutional
historical algorithm" and the collapsing, detailed future as experienced
by the individual, the family, the local community, be resolved?
Additional fracture or desperate belief in (the new societal value of)
Remote Scale? 


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moderator's note:  Brad Brace believes that his net/www image sites best
elaborate on his brief message to FleshFactor.  I have asked for an
elaboration in words, but as yet Brad has not offered any further written
text. Perhaps someone else will sense the importance of his call for an
examination of the diminishing, shrinking value of individual memory,
consciousness, intuition and instincts and help us 'unpack' his thoughts
on a "desperate belief in (the new societal value of) Remote Scale?" 

T.S., FleshFactor Net-Symposium 

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