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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"


A little while back I received a text called "Dark Carnival" by
Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid.  It's a
long, rambling, complex text that touches on many aspects of the
FleshFactor territory.  Paul sent it as a contribution to
FleshFactor, so we're pleased to offer it to you.

DJ Spooky created a club sound called illbient and he's known for
his intellectual approach to mixing ambient, jungle, hip-hop,
spoken words, noise, cartoons and philosophy...

...and after you read "Dark Carnival" you'll probably notice the
influences and thinking and 'voices' of Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Thomas Edison, Glenn Gould, Giambattista Vico, Franz Kafka, the
Frankfurt School, Deleuze and Guattari, Adrian Piper, Valentine
de Saint-Point, Lucretius, Amiri Baraka, Leroi Jones, H.G. Wells,
James Snead, Samuel Beckett and many, many others when you
consider Paul's work first hand or from a distance, through
recordings or live or just through what people say they've heard
or seen or experienced in his work...

Check out Paul D. Miller's "Dark Carnival", the 1st version, in
the 'reference section' of this net-symposium, the FleshFactor
Substrata at:


"Dark Carnival" begins with Ralph Waldo Emerson's late 19th
century insights into the discourse around originality in the
late 20th century...and then it examines the impact of Edison's
invention of the 'talking machine', the phonograph...and then it
explodes with the massive growth of mass and every other kind of
media...leading to a machinic/semiotic hierarchy of
representation, a locale in which the human mind, consciousness
itself, acts like a distributed network...and yes, there are many
thoughts on sampling and recycling...

Look for more texts reflecting on the changing nature of humanness in
this area called FleshFactor Substrata and of course right here
in the ongoing net-symposium.

T.S., moderator, FleshFactor Net-Symposium

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