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FleshFactor: melting air

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

my finger is damp on the pad and the cursor is thus estranged.

Donal had something to say.  What is recalled?  Can I voice it the way I
heard it - no - new reading...  the absence will find the sky the sole

The flesh is under my fingertips.  I have scraped them against letters -
abstracts of the broken tongue - this snake (Naga) inside my head.

"Materialistic historiography, is based on a constructive principle. 
Thinking involves not only the flow of thoughts but their arrest as well. 
Where thinking suddenly stops in a configuration pregnant with tensions,
it gives that configuration a shock, by which it crystallizes into a
monad. A historical materialist approaches a historical subject only where
he encounters it as a monad.  In this structure he recognizes the sign of
a messianic cessation of happening, or, put differently, a revolutionary
chance in the fight for the oppressed past.  He takes cognizance of it in
order to blast a specific era out of the homogeneous course of history." 
Walter Benjamin

Three days ago returned from 3 months train travel/work through the Indian
subcontinent.  970 million people.  A highly developed civilization in an
advanced state of decay.

The techno-commentators at the beginning of this list sound like a coke
commercial: "We are the world" and wow are they wrong.  The world is where
the people are and most of them are living in a rural, agri-culture,
centuries old.

The technology of the body, the subtle complexity of immediate
sensibility before the murti of over 2000 years of devotion,
the statue is allowed to smile - solid - carved out of a mountain.

What is flesh - when the eternal?  Our digital immersion should
surface us into a remembered history.  A history imagined, created,
written on a dot.  Single.  Collective.  World. The bindu burst.  Purely
creative and round as a day...remembered...anamnesis...the tomorrow of the
West's utopia arose yesterday in the East.

Human, the fleshfactor which sweats its time and walks mostly barefoot.
And let's talk of complexity in an autorickshaw weaving down Anna Salai
Boulevard, Chennai.

information - the information of information is observation - which is?
beginning here technology follows.  the individual oh my

Another thought from elsewhere West:  According to Avicenna and Averroes
the Agent Intellect is a separate substance, separate from human
individuals, one for the whole human race.  That is, the agency that
performs the activity involved in thinking - that abstracts concepts by
which what we experience through the senses becomes intelligible - is
not part of our individual minds.  According to Avicenna the possible
intellect - i.e. the passive or receptive part of the mind that receives
and retains the concepts worked out by the agent intellect and is
thereby actualised in its understanding - is part of our individual
minds;  according to Averroes even the possible intellect is one for the
whole human race.

Have you heard this before?

"The classic Western model of the individual as an autonomous,
inward-looking entity is relinquished in favour of a hybridized, networked
subjectivity, within which we are forced to perceive ourselves as dynamic
nodes in a social network of communication."  Gerfried Stocker

I would maintain that this social network extends throughout the world and
should also demand in the West a retrieval of modes of perception (of
the world, of the body, and of consciousness) that are more ambiguous,
amorphic, dimensional and compassionate.


Placed before you, the Sun, a field of rice, a box of digits...


If I am cryptic it is to discover, yes, everything solid still melting in air.

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