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with 'fleshfactor' stocker has brought forward an important and
probably one of the longlasting issues of the electronic environment.
in reading the discussion feedbacks, writers have shown different
concerns according to their professions as artists, writers,
theoreticians, performers, etc.   because of 'fleshfactor's' very
importance i will try to put the attention beyond these specific
issues onto the 'electronic art festival' itself.   because stocker is
generally right by saying "that we are now fascinated, no longer by
the possibilities of future utopias, but rather by that which has
already come to pass.  The future seems to have reversed directions
and is collapsing upon 'us'."   but is this statement also convincing to
the arts -the notopia-?   or is it convincing for 'us' now -the

in regard to the development of a media art festival, these questions
are crucial, as the arts, and specifically techno-related-art
productions, are being ruled by the "techno-cultural development" (g.
stocker), by the same technological mainstream innovations, leading
us into the praised land of the newly opened paradise.   they are being
ruled by industrial corporations in the fields of information
processing, by the really big businesses, banks and tv-stations, which
make the future "collapse upon 'us'."

but this future in "the techno-cultural development is -also- increasingly
obstructed by massive ideological barriers." (stocker)  to me this is the
very good reason that the net-debate should become an issue for the future
and the future of the arts and an 'electronic art festival' as well.   but
if so, we have to learn not to become a victim of our own ideology. 
because there is no such thing as a "techno-cultural development".  the
development is either a technological one, with an impact on culture, or a
cultural one, with a backslash onto technological development.   but more
important, the technological development is driven first by capital money,
the motor nr. 1 of postcapitalist economy, whereas capital money, at least
in europe, is not the prime force of its culture.  (most of the times the
opposite is true--it is true for 'ars electronica' as well!) 

instead of "breaching the ideological barriers by the force of a
polarized and confrontational debate - a debate, moreover, taking
place between artists and scientists, professionals coming from
different points of view." (g. stocker)   in my opinion the festival 'ars
electronica' should first open a debate between the real players, the
professionals of the flesh-, finance- and information industry to
start with. 

HS. prof. mag. richard kriesche

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