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I just read the posting from "jleonard" and I gotta admit there are some
things I find interesting, and many others that I find completely off. He
misses the point that the notion of "human" and "nature" as used in the
20th century are mostly European constructs derived from 17th, 18th, and
19th century notions of a "divine" presence, i.e. ecclesiastic, that gave
"humanity" as Europeans saw it, a kind of manifest to operate in the world
in accordance with a "divine plan" etc etc.

There are many ways of describing "humanness." The one that most are
using on-line is derived from these previous migrations of meaning as
inherited from the matrix of values we call "Europe." Humanness in this
context is a construct.  Post-humanness is also a construct: neither
actually deals with the biological aspects of the organism called "homo
sapiens" humanity. These are merely ways of describing humanity's
engagement with the environment it finds itself in. As we have more and
more control of aspects of that environment, maybe we'll move into areas
of nature our ancestors could only dream about.

But c'mon folks - a discourse about identity based soley on the last
several centuries seems a bit shallow. I'm not saying that "jleonard" is
wrong, I am saying that there's room for new ways to describe the
conditions that ARE actually changing. I am no utopian. I don't see the
Internet as the end all be all of late 20th century culture. But it is
inarguably fostering new methods for viewing culture and strategies of
"existential" identity. I say "strategies" of identity because identity is
a process, a continuous engagement with change. I guess I'll end this
little statement with a proverb:  Taste the otherness.  Feel the future.
Unwind the past. Do you get my drift?

Paul Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky


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