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The end of humanness?  I think not.  As far as I can tell, this morning,
as I made my way into the bathroom, I seemed pretty damn human.
(Downright animal, until I get my first cup of coffee!)  I won't get
into details, but I think you can all get my drift.  Until science
figures out a way to download our entire memories and thought processes
into a machine we will still be humans.  Part of the most important
thing about being a human is to be a builder and manipulator of tools. 
Computers and networks are just tools.  Nothing else.

The other thing about being human, is that we love to tell stories. 
(although the glow of the campfire has become the glow of the CRT)
Stories about transcendence are some of the most popular.  If you doubt
this take a look at ancient Greek theater.  Seems to me that this forum
is just continuing this time tested tradition.  Deus ex machina!

What is changing, however, is our culture and the dominant memes that
drive it.  More specifically, we are witnessing the death of pluralistic
culturalism, and the birth of individualism.  Communication, via high
speed computer networks, is quickly rendering the individual's need to be
defined by their position within a culture, obsolete.  As the net
homogenizes our cultures, individuals will have to strive to rely upon
their own unique attributes for diversity.  Hopefully this will be the
birth of a new world culture that celebrates diversity and the individual. 
Perhaps our global constitution could read, "All humans are created
*different* and that is GOOD."  Opportunities for expression in this new
world culture must be available to all.  And once this is attained, we
must maintain a global state of equal opportunity for all our planet's
individual diversity. 

Mark Sottilaro

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