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	This is my body -an anthropomorphized synopsis of my art research
and practice. Since the body is our vehicle for understanding the natural
world, I think, it makes an equally good metaphor for exchange.
	A sense  of ourselves is maintained by our body "property" as our
own. We unconsciously monitor the movable parts of our body. A "phantom" in
the neurological sense is the image or memory of a lost body part. It is
essential that an amputee incorporate the phantom body-image to
successfully use an artificial limb. Measuring with our bodies is an
integrated process.
	It may also be the source of our binary thinking as in what is
me/not me. If we create our technologies in our own body-image to extend
our capabilities, it follows that the computer (an information processor)
should inherit our bipolar view. Electronic text allows us to write in
dimensions of changeable, spatial form. Hypertext allows everything from
which we find our own perspective. This medium is life-like, not in the
sense of a "glass coffin" but in its embodied rhythms.
	It is evident to me that no human activity is purely
self-generated. Recognition of diversity has helped us get over the notion
of a singular voice.
	What I offer for coherence is my personality and a flexible psyche
that acknowledges the source of my work's development and exposure to
shifting perspective. I am willing to assess the quality of my work and
risk collaboration.
	My permeable boundaries are analogous to those between groups none
of which are homogeneous. Opposition is dependent on the other. This is
less about assembling my body-ego than interiorizing association and

Rose Stasuk


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