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From:    Carmen Hermosillo
To:      Rose Stasuk
Subject: re: prostheses are us

My thinking about the body is undergoing a change.  I think that we've
been too much interested in the meatbody* aspects of the body and ignoring
some of the other aspects.  I think for example that looking at the
electrical aspects of the body would be more rewarding in terms of
creating a metaphor that one could actually DO something with. 
Furthermore the electrical metaphor dovetails nicely, in my opinion, into
some of the ideas that Francis Heylighen and the Principia Cybernetica
people have put forth about the global brain. 

It seems to me that there is a place where cspace theory gets really
stalled, and that place appears to be that people do not seem to be able
to divorce their thinking from the meatbody thing.  Cspace is not an
alternate meatbody.  It is not an extension of nature in the sense that we
have ordinarily been taught to think of nature.  It exists apart from
nature, eco-feminist ideology notwithstanding. 

I think that this is the result of having accepted the Gaia theory as a
literal thing rather than as a metaphor.  This happens, in my opinion,
because of the political constitution of american attitudes towards
cspace, which is bound up in cowboy libertarian rhetoric when it is not
reifying Rousseau under the eco-feminist sign.  I also think that one of
the political issues in cspace theory is its tendency towards adopting
american political values as norms, as if the whole world were an
electronic american colony. 

We really have to deal with this:  (1) cspace as an american colonial 
ideology (2) cspace packaged under eco-feminist signs

*meatbody = that flesh body that you live in as opposed to the 
electronic body

 yrs truly,

 in earthspace:
 carmen hermosillo
 seagate software corporation

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