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FleshFactor: Human body as ultimate original?

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What does it mean to call the human body an ultimate original? (Stocker,
"FleshFactor")  What is an original?  Is this platonist, or certainly
modernist thinking, a notion of art as creations and copies?  Was
Duchamp's milk frame an original?  Why or why not?: the question makes no

There is no original.  There is only history, and a certain moment of
present that passes quickly, and a constant recreating of the historical
world again and again.

We can agree to call something an original, by applying certain agreed
upon rules of differences from known history, of degrees of similarity
and difference.  But the human body is a lot like a chimpanzee body. 
And my body is a lot like your body.  And after liposuction and exercise
and dying and piercing, my body is now a lot more like that body I saw
on television.

There is no original, there is only permeability of the past into the
present and into the future, and permeablility of me into you.  Draw the
boundary anywhere, it is always arbitrary.


Mark Weiser, Chief Technologist
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
(also drummer for Severe Tire Damage, first band on the Internet)

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