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      The current debates about the body and its relation to the new
technologies have polarized tremendously the US experimental arts
community and particularly the performance art milieu.  There are those in
the "machine art" movement who advocate the total disappearance of the
human body and its replacement with computer or mechanical robotics;
others believe that the body, though obsolete, can still remain in the
center of the art event, but that new technology can equip it with
prosthetic (perceptual and physical) extensions.  A visceral reaction to
these proposals can be found in the artists of "apocalypse culture" who
have adopted a radical ludite stance: to reclaim the body primitive as a
site for pleasure and pain, and "return" (so they claim) to a sort of
neotribal paganism, very much in the western tradition of anarchist "drop
out" culture.  What Roberto and I are trying to do is explore a fourth
option: to use new technologies as a means to enhance the interactivity
between performers and live audiences (vougers/tourists); and to gather
cultural, and political information of a very unique confessional nature,
which will then be reinterpreted by and expressed through our "primitive,"
political and erotic bodies.  What the live audience ends up experiencing
is a sort of visualization of their own post-colonial demons and
racist mirages.

El Mexterminator & Cybr-vato 

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