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>What Roberto and I are trying to do is explore a fourth
>option: to use new technologies as a means to enhance the interactivity
>between performers and live audiences (vougers/tourists).
>    -El Mexterminator & Cybr-vato

That sounds very promising and valuable. How about a 5th option, expanding
the circle beyond just the techno/social: Foaming interspecies confluxes.
Getting past not only the alienation of the individual, but the alienation
of society/technology from the surrounding "wilderness" (whatever THAT is).
Certain elements of the pagan/rave diaspora holds out that promise,
although with a degree of wobbly confusion (which isn't necessarily a bad

We experimented in a concerted attempt at "emergent behaviour" from many
technologies, art disciplines, and local fauna (slugs, mice, and microbes)
precisely with a wiggling multimedia/multimodal/interspecies conflux in
mind. "Organism" was given birth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1993 in an
abandoned mustard factory, and we had a bewilderingly good time doing it.
Over 2,000 people "web jammed" all night and into the next morning. Various
diaries, and quotes from Newsweek, etc., from that Brooklyn event:

ORGANISM:  http://www.artnetweb.com/organism

And regarding the Duchamp thingy and history, which Humdog just mentioned
("history is basically invented by whoever doesn't get killed in the making
of it"). Multi-cultural (human) histories is a very good idea, but we can
take it further. Certainly an expansion of THAT circle would be in order.
Try multispecies histories. And even further: Multiple slices of the
time/space/mind continuum. In other words history is as infinite as the
universe. So perhaps we must redefine history not as a relative human VIEW
of reality, but as a variety of organism, which lives, dies, reproduces
itself, with variations and mutations.

But such "historganisms" would be more than mere memes or meme-complexes,
however. (Memes are limited by their dependence on a presumption of
scientific objectivity, which is very presumptious, indeed). Historganisms
are mysterious creatures, surely, given that we are in their midst and at
this very moment, struggling to breed them, corral them, and dress them up
in kinky, attractive suits.

-Ebon Fisher


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