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Everything is mediated.  Our bodies, our senses, our brains, our minds,
all contribute to the mediation of everything.  There is no increase of
mediated experience.  Experience has always been totally mediated.

Carmen Hermosillo says: "take beaudrillard [Baudrillard] far enough and a
case can be made that "nature" itself is a simulation, because "nature" is
mediated by perceptual instincts and filters that have been mediated by
education, by Rousseau & St. Francis of Assisi, and by the art of
painting, just for starters." 

I agree with the mediation point, but why does that make it a
simulation?  In a simulation of rain, you don't get wet.  But
even in perceiving nature through the mediation of my sense, I do
get wet.  The distinction is of transpicience.  Does the world
shine through transpiciently, or is there another world being


Mark Weiser, Chief Technologist
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
(also drummer for Severe Tire Damage, first band on the Internet)

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