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>At the risk of sounding quaint, may I suggest that perhaps there is
>a spiritual nature to reality that really can't be communicated with
>machines?   --Mark Sottilaro

The hyperstructure of the human body CAN be amplified through technology
assuming that you can equate the figurative hyperstructure as something
more than the cognitive slicing of the flesh (corporeal mind).  This I
regard as a spatial/time problem.  Unfortunately society is so heavily
influenced by the two dimensional in cinematic abstract space, that a great
deal of energy has been devoted limiting the senses to the pinhole of the
peripheral bromide!

The evolutionary technology I refer to offers a departure from the
strictly televisual or cinematic gaze.  A device which I am currently
developing can create a 360 degree volumetric (computer generated solid)
in real time.  By adapting the principals of creating a real time three
dimensional (real volume) morphology, I believe I have found a way to
amplify the fourth dimensional (the fourth dimension as space rather than
time) hyperstructure of the human form.  This is accomplished through
condensing time or a series of three dimensional movements into a single
vortex. It is similar to the chronocyclography of the likes of Gilbreth or
Marey who attempted reveal the hidden structure of human movement.
Unfortunately they only had the technology to develop their devices for
two dimensional output.  With the current technology it is a relatively
easy operation to elevate that movement to something more than merely a
corporeal slice.  What results within the vortex of my display, is a
"figurative hypersculpture" generated from a number of human movements.
This is hoped to create a greater sense of hypervision, an appreciation of
higher abstract space, and hopefully an evolution of vision beyond the
imprisonment of the fallible senses and the cinematic gaze. 

Documentation of this device can be observed at:



Dennis Michael Wilcox
Electromedia Artist (Transdimensional Perception, Volumetric Engineering)

P.O. Box 1331
Darlinghurst. Australia. 2010.
Phone  +61 02 91-30-27-91

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