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Laura Vandenburgh writes: "escaping the constraints
of biology through our integration with technology..."

Biology is a technology, a meat technology.  A technology
we don't understand very well, a technology that was not
invented but discovered, like gravity, like using a rock
as an axe, like flying.  But we can no more escape biology
through technology than we can escape death by committing suicide.

Laura Vandenburgh also writes: 
"Science and technology play a big role in our lives, drive a
lot of change, and organize the way we perceive the world.  Other ways
of knowing aren't highly valued..."

Too true.  And yet science and technology as practiced by
scientists and technologists also make crucial use of other
ways of knowing.  Sandra Harding in her book on feminist
science called "Whose Science?" discusses the concept that
"physics" is a poor model of physics.  By this she means that
the concept of "physics" as reported in physics journals and
by physicists themselves -- the myth of physics -- is in fact
a very poor model of what physicists actually do, which involves
intuition, bodily knowing, cultural and historically biased seeing,
etc.  "Physics" is required to ignore the sociology of physics.
But if one wants to really know physics and the human frailties
of the real work of physics, one cannot ask a physicist.


Mark Weiser, Chief Technologist
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
(also drummer for Severe Tire Damage, first band on the Internet)

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