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It is not often that I have the pleasure of reading a rant as elegant 
as the one that Dr. Cifuentes has written on the subject of the 
disappearance of the meatbody.  I congratulate him.

He is right, yes, that the meatbody is the limit and the central issue 
of the discussion.

He is right, yes, to connect the meatbody issue to the aesthetics of
disappearance (I am thinking of Virilio here, and his ideas about the
annihilation of space which I think also can be applied to the
annihilation of information and this desire [of almost Lacanian mystery
and intensity] for the disappearance/reification/reconstitution of the
meatbody into a body of infochunks). 

The meatbody is the historic site (what lovely language he used) of 
civilizational activity in western europe, most of what we call modern 
history/culture being a project of outward realization of a 
projection ("we are all Greeks") of things the greeks dreamed of (is 
that why the voice of pericles is such an eloquently uptodate voice in 
the Funeral Oration, for example?).

In a pop book I read recently called "Beyond Humanity: CyberEvolution and
Future Minds", which is a romance if ever I read one, one of the recurrent
themes is the old theme of transcendence of death, the resurrection, a
kind of electronic easter, if you will.  Now if you follow this line of
reasoning, that we can download our "self" ("self" being defined for the
purposes of this book as whatever constitutes one's intellectual and
spiritual capital, so to speak) and be redeemed, or saved, or whatever
quasi-religious word you wish to insert here, by the agency of
silicon--and the meaty bits don't matter--then, and furthermore one might
even extrapolate that in its own twisted little way, this silicon
redemption is a kind of apotheosis, a kind of highest ambition and
realization of the whole protestant reformation/calvinist project that
western europe has been engaged in since the late renaissance, since one
of the things that has a sinister valuation in calvinist ideology is
again, the poor meatbody, which cannot help but to be corrupted by death. 

But I move onward:  Bataille in his lovely book "Literature and Evil"  I
think it is called, uses the novel "Wuthering Heights" of emily bronte,
and the relationship of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw to discuss
tragic beauties:  the whole novel is in his opinion (and I agree with him)
a huge tragedy of language categories, a tragedy that is recycled every
single time that some new person goes online, starts responding to chat or
!ntalk or !talk or whatever, and starts the dialogue which to me has some
of the ritualistic beauty of medieval chant litany or ritual cathechism: 
-who are you?  -who are YOU?  -are you real?  -yes, are YOU?  And so
forth: until it has its peak in the mutual orgasm which in its highest and
most highly physical and intimate and personal form occurs probably on the
telephone.  & this attempt to discern the meatbody behind the letters, is
truly, as I tell you, the Introibo ad Altare Dei of the late 20th century. 


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