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"The impulses which flow in the arm nerves of a typist convey to her
fingers the translated information which reaches her eye or ear, in order
that the fingers may be caused to strike the proper keys.  Might not these
currents be intercepted, either in the original form in which information
is conveyed to the brain, or in the marvelously metamorphosed form in
which they then proceed to the hand?" 

July 1945, As We May Think - Vannevar Bush

Meaning is an emergent principle.  Rationality is a synthesis
of perspectives.

The world itself is rational.  In that its fullness of dimensions is the
embodiment of perspectives.

Anything and everything is necessarily in the middle of something else.
It is situated in a field...

And the field?

David Darling, physicist, University prof. and author of "Equations of
Eternity" has written an intriguing proposition that loops the teleology
of nature, evolution, the technical and physics into a rabid cosmological
theory - 'the Final Anthropic Principle':

"As mind grows and its power to observe and comprehend nature at all levels
expands, so will its ability to watch quantum systems in the past.
Thus, from increasingly remote points in the future, an increasingly
powerful creative beam of observation will reach back to earlier and
earlier times.  And so will the cosmic mind-to-come project more and more
into the past the very reality that is necessary and sufficient to give
rise to it.  As the Final Anthropic Principle suggests, this will go on
until, in the infinitely remote future, there is a single all-encompassing
mind, coextensive and conclusive of the entire universe, that through a
single, final observation completes the loop joining alpha and omega: the
watcher at the end of time."

Lets imagine that we buy it - ok?

So the smell of God as a big US becomes - palatable.  - Language, our
primary technology of communion with our history, with each other, the
whole ball of wax of the social forms on our lips, the desire for
furthering language (the technology of association) as it relates to the
above eschatological proposition - our tower of Babel, our emerging

Moths to a flame, the flashing of co-ordinates speed by as we hurl
ourselves through the mechanics of letters and bones, diseases and wars,
operating systems and neurotransmitters, to the immediacy of the moment
and our responsibility within it. 

And just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, all we have to do is click our
heels to be back home.

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