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At 03:59 PM 6/1/97 PDT, Peter Charlot wrote:

>The point is we won't be able to control what such machines will want to
>do.  Some may want to play pool, or listen to music.  But at some point
>these machines are going to want to acquire land, found churches, govern
>themselves and/or (ship's horn heard from out of the Atlantic ocean fog)
>govern us. 

I sometimes feel about my teenage daughter the way Peter feels about
machines.  And the analogy is a deep one.  Of course we will feel afraid
as what we once thought we understood and could control moves into the
world and it turns out we never did understand or control it at all. 
Anymore than we deeply understand and control our bodies or minds.  But
what is the "Help!"?  Machines already want to acquire land, found
churches, etc.  Face it, Peter, you are a machine.  And I look forward to
meeting you. 


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