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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

>The world itself is rational.  In that its fullness of dimensions is the
>embodiment of perspectives.

Maybe, but the trouble with aphorisms is that I have a helluva time
figuring out what they mean.

>Anything and everything is necessarily in the middle of something else.
>It is situated in a field...


>"As mind grows and its power to observe and comprehend nature at all levels
>expands, so will its ability to watch quantum systems in the past.
>Thus, from increasingly remote points in the future, an increasingly
>powerful creative beam of observation will reach back to earlier and
>earlier times.  And so will the cosmic mind-to-come project more and more
>into the past the very reality that is necessary and sufficient to give
>rise to it.  As the Final Anthropic Principle suggests, this will go on
>until, in the infinitely remote future, there is a single all-encompassing
>mind, coextensive and conclusive of the entire universe, that through a
>single, final observation completes the loop joining alpha and omega: the
>watcher at the end of time."

>So the smell of God as a big US becomes - palatable.  - Language, our
>primary technology of communion with our history, with each other, the
>whole ball of wax of the social forms on our lips, the desire for
>furthering language (the technology of association) as it relates to the
>above eschatological proposition - our tower of Babel, our emerging

>Moths to a flame, the flashing of co-ordinates speed by as we hurl
>ourselves through the mechanics of letters and bones, diseases and wars,
>operating systems and neurotransmitters, to the immediacy of the moment
>and our responsibility within it.

well -- as poetry, that's fine. But suppose I want to know, in a down to
earth way, what you have in mind by a single, all-encompassing MIND etc.
What can you tell me?


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