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"Everything I touch is skin."  --Rory Robinson


"What is needed is your wound against mine." Georges Bataille.

This project, the 'what is needed', is a mutual bleed, a mutual sacrifice.
It is not theoretical, but an active engagement - the body politic, the
body social and the individual being raised to the level of a sacrament.

This wound is one's life.

I see this as the work of intercommunications, of stretching outside single
disciplines, of working in many worlds and many conceptual frameworks - of
the embodiment of the world as wonderment and responsibility.

...."we forget that language remains, in my opinion, the primary form of
mediation with which we choose to manifest ourselves."

I do not believe it is we who 'choose' to manifest ourselves this way.  The
symbolic is an imposition.  A kind of conservative 'lets worry about the
deficit' propaganda ploy to maintain the status quo.

A language's first value is as an object of play but it is used more often
as a means of constraint.

If I may be so bold as to offer you a quote from Aldous Huxley in
reference to this.  The insight, I'm sure is not particularly new to many
on this forum but it is said precisely - without the usual hedging, and
deals with the common use of language. 

"The universe in which men pass their lives is the creation of what Indian
philosophy calls Nama-Rupa, Name and Form.  Reality is a continuum, a
fathomlessly mysterious and infinite Something, whose outward aspect is
what we call Matter and whose inwardness is what we call Mind.  Language is
a device for taking the mystery out of Reality and making it amenable to
human comprehension and manipulation.  Acculturated man breaks up the
continuum, attaches labels to a few of the fragments, projects the labels
onto the outside world and thus creates for himself an all too human
universe of separate objects, each of which is merely the embodiment of a
name, a particular illustration of some traditional abstraction.  What we
perceive takes on the pattern of the conceptual lattice through which it
has been filtered.  Pure receptivity is difficult because man's normal
waking consciousness is always culturally conditioned."

Excuse me-returning from India--where the Buddha and Shankarcharya are
quoted daily on the Op.Ed pages of the leading paper, The Times of India
(and where there are at least 570 million practicing Hindus)--I have come
to acknowledge how primitive and exclusive the West's view of the world
really is.

BTW Pat - It is really enlightening to read old science fiction, to see
what people thought would come to pass, and how interestingly right they
could be. Think of 'Dolly' and "Brave New World"

Oliver Hockenhull

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