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This is a quick response to only the first of Ms. Churchland's questions
directed at my previous 'poetic' interjection/post "Loops of Flesh and
Factors". I am 'stepping down' the re-reading as the statements I had made
in that post were extremely terse and dense. - To unravel them justly would
require a paid leave of absence from my current scramble for subsistence
(institutionless artist!) and my search for finishing funds for a
documentary/CD-ROM reflecting on 'architecture' and culture.

First lets quote Max Frisch

"The ever-recurring question whether the reader is ever able to read
anything other than himself is superfluous; writing is not communication
with readers, not even communication with oneself, but communication with
the inexpressible."


>The world itself is rational.  In that its fullness of dimensions is the
>embodiment of perspectives.

>The trouble with aphorisms is that I have a helluva time
>figuring out what they mean.


Maybe, but that's one of the points - you have to spend time thinking.
BTW Pat: how can you dislike time spent thinking or 'figuring' as you put
it? If it did not charge you somehow you could have ignored the post. The
decision to contextualize the meaning for yourself is the point of
aphoristic writings. Aphorisms are to inspire thought not to finalize
meaning. Think of Keyserling, Holderlin, or Heidegger - not to mention the
"Nandinatha Sutras"?

(Sutra means "thread".  It is defined as an aphoristic verse or maxim, or
the literary style consisting of such maxims.  From 500 BCE, this style
was widely adopted by Indian philosophical systems.  Reciting relevant
sutra texts from memory is a daily sadhana in various Hindu arts and

Ok.  Lets take as an example...
You're trying to 'figure it' someway.

You want to put it into perspective.  You need to place it.

The world is such a place that contains a Ms. Patricia Smith Churchland who
goes about her daily duties putting things into perspective for herself.
She is a particular somebody as her cat is a particular cat. She and her
cat are 'rational' - in that they have reason to be (for themselves if
nothing else) and act out that reason to be through their perspective.
The world contains a hell of a lot of Patricia Smith Churchland's and her

perspective demands placements, placements demand situations, situations demand
associations, associations are relationships, relationships are
inherently 'alive'.

The 'fullness of dimensions' recalls the conclusive 'value' of the world -
this is also rational.

Also btw: Mind and Nature:A Necessary Unity by Gregory Bateson.


I hope to get to your other problems  - but I will send further
comments directly to you.  [thanks Oliver, T.S., moderator, FleshFactor

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