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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Gerfried Stocker in his opening statement wrote: "In light of the latest
findings, developments and achievements in the fields of genetic
engineering, neuro-science and networked intelligence, the conceptual
complex now under investigation will include the status of the individual
in networked artificial systems..."

While the potential for human cloning makes us uneasy, genetic hybrids of
other species have become the norm.  In fact we are sometimes represented
by these genetic inventions, these precisely engineered machines of flesh 
are the calculated result of selective breeding.

Considering that the Ferarri symbolizes a positive idea of Italy, the
"BBB, Blanc Blue Belge" bull brings to mind a certain idea about Belgium: 
a label of quality and the future.  This animal which is essentially
valued as a "mutant", has been developed entirely in our country.  He is
totally 'produced' and imagined by man.  It is not at all a direct product
of genetic engineering.  It is rather the ultimate step of a natural
breeding process.  Therefore it is in itself the outcome of a futuristic
idea: all by himself, he symbolizes the fusion between present, future and
past.  More than the virtual manipulations on the Internet, he is by his
constitution, the true representation of a programmed manipulation at the
service of man.  As an exceptional genetic sculpture, partly real and
partly virtual, strong and fragile at the same time, he is the ideal
example of genetic mutation of future societies.  In a deontological sense
today, this image implies the question: what is real in electronic and
genetic manipulation?  What is true and what is false?  What is reality? 
What is identity?  Is this "mutant" still a bull? 

We have chosen to take a closer look at these questions by reflecting in
public together on this phenomenon within the Online communications during
the context 'off', at the Biennale of Venice.  From the cave-paintings of
Lascaux to the CyberBull, the potential symbolic power of the image of the
bull is clearly in close connection with the origins of art history and
the history of mankind and is still used today.  We continue this

Again from Stocker's FleshFactor:  "The classic Western model of the
individual [artist] as an autonomous, inward-looking entity is
relinquished in favour of a hybridized, networked subjectivity, within
which we are forced to perceive ourselves as dynamic nodes in a social
network of communication."

We offer this concept of the new mediartist:

The concern of artists is no longer the "creation" of art (creating works
of art, objects or a style and imposing this style like a mirror of
themselves and of the world) but to put communication at the centre of the
debate.  For contemporary artists, the only tangible reality is no longer
situated in the "created" work of art, but at the breast of the new
communication technologies.  The concept of the avant-garde implies that
new ground is being broken.  But in our world, new knowledge is now
increasingly more the immaterial territory of the Networks.  "The Art =
the URL" & "Art must be free". 

Paradoxically, the mediartist feels close to a past, where the artist was
not yet individualized, where art itself was only a fuzzy hypothesis. 
(the past seems to have reversed directions and is suddenly overtaking
us!)  The electronic Networks are recreating in us the multi-dimensional
space orientation of the nomadic.  It is clear that with the
multiplication of real-time communication resources on the Net (the
collapse of the physical distances) we are witnesses of the birth of new
structures, that take priority over the ego of the artist (the
transcendence of the ego).  The post-ego civilization is on its way...

Dr. Hugo and Charles Francois


Our intervention concept for "From Lascaux to CyberBull" at the 47th
Biennale of Venice / Online:

* The presence of a *real* bull "BBB, Blanc Blue Belge" (living genetic
   sculpture) in the context 'off' at the Biennale of Venice.
* To set up a real time Netcast visio-conference between Venice - Kassel -
   Berlin - Brussels and New York. A tele-contact between virtual communities.
   Date: this special event will take place on Saturday 14th June at 16 pm.
   Place: Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Cannaregio 5013, Venice.
   Place: Avenue Cybertheatre, 4/5 Avenue de la Toison d'Or - 1050
* The representation of the CyberBull, "BBB, Blanc Blue Belge" in QTVR
  (QuickTime Virtual Reality) on the Net.
* Interviews with Dr. Hugo & Charles Francois.
* Research on virtual and genetic identity (teamwork).
* Art Online: web-sites by Dr. Hugo & Charles Francois.
* A special edition of "Cyber Flux News".

Dr. Hugo  <hugohey@innet.be>   Charles Francois:<charfra@arcadis.be>
Fuzzy Dreamz & Odd Jobs in the Cave:
->  http://www.cybertheatre.net/dreamz
->  http://www.nirvanet.net/dreamz
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