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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Well, Oliver [Hockenhull], that's all well and good to be ranting about
cspace as an american colony, but it just doesn't seem to go far enough. 

Have you read the Krokers on the Virtual Classes?  I refer you to their
book published in 1994 (which in cspace time qualifies as nearly Greek or
even Sumerian, I know), DATA TRASH pp 4-8 (a nice definition of the
virtual class & how it works).  Grokking that definition (to use the
vocabulary of the western california new age Sensitives) we see
immediately that cspace as an american colony is not only not
reprehensible to the virtual class, it is positively desirable and
furthermore a thing not to be missed.

I have read online, you understand, in various online enterprises which
label themselves virtual communities, places that exhibit that certain yo
no se que which permits me to enjoy Kroker's description of the Virtual
Classes as "viciously naive", a certain amount of polite handwringing
about the poor unwashed & unwired masses out there in the third world
someplace (meaning by that places not conveniently served by local T1
dialups etc) who will never achieve that condition of virtual hipness to
which the wired middle class white liberal academic & computer geek
professional presently aspires.  There is a religious aspect to this kind
of ranting and it has a kind of missionary "let's get them into CLOTHES,
for God's sake" flavor to it that bothers me. 

I have noticed also among the Virulently Virtual an interesting kind of
atmosphere redolent Neal Stephenson's DIAMOND AGE Nuevo Victorians (and I
did hear a woman at a worldwide conf in april 97 saying from the plenary
podium around 8:30 one morning about how she had suddenly realized that
she was "too accessible now" and so she was taking care of that.  This
reminded me of some old stuff I read in a book by Ithiel de Sola Poole
about how the English had responded to the subversion of their class
system by the introduction of the telephone in the early 1900s.  But I did
not raise my hand to say so, during the question period.). 

anyway regarding philosophy in general, I like Lyotard's ideas:  it's a
way of deconstructing the world that no longer works (read THE INHUMAN)
because its assumptions are out of date.  In other words: 

Dear guys who placed your faith in the cogito ergo sum,

BUZZ!!!!! Wrong answer.

To see the future, please visit Los Angeles.



in earthspace

Carmen Hermosillo

PS:  Loved your latest post about the machine thing, Richard!
You make me glad that there's an England.

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