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FleshFactor: Re: The internet is not technology.

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Mark Weiser wrote:

> The fleshfactor discussion clarifies that we do not know
> how to feel, or how to see, in this new world.

Hm.  I don't know who the "we" is that Mark is referring to, but I mislike
being gratuitously included in it.  There are quite a few people in these
worlds who feel and see, and also experience in ways that don't fit the
categories of either feeling or seeing.  They seem to know what they're
experiencing and to validate it when asked.  Certainly many of us are
groping toward deeper and more complex ways of linking knowledge to
experience; some are further along than others, some haven't yet left the
starting line.  I appreciate the rhetorical point of "we", but wish those
who employ it would revive their awareness of the partiality of any
individual viewpoint...and save it for those exquisitely rare occasions
when it actually indicates consensus.

 Allucquere Rosanne Stone


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