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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Ah yes, now we are getting to it, the flesh factor.  There is no direct
approach, so as we shorten the radius, we get closer to the center.

I have been thinking about this second skin idea, thinking about this
interface with the machine, multi-media, more real than real,
the hyper-cyber-all....thinking it is really more like the third skin. 

I will suppose that we all subscribe to some form of the rather unverifiable
idea that we are encased in the meat suit, the suit of clay.  Starting from
"I" out, we animate the suit to sense this narrow band of life-sustaining
environment, to interact with other sensing organisms (all judgements
aside, please...), and travel the course of time with, at best, a sense of

This is "I".  I am using the meat suit to use the device, the tool, for
whatever may be my purpose.  I>meat>media, then the media is reflecting
back to the "I".  Mirror me.  Mirror "I".  Whether the source of the
digital signal is direct from the corpus callosum or fingers working a
keyboard, the transmission is directed out from some source that is just
beyond the measurable (Are we actually the prosthesis of DNA?) and
actualized in or with the machine.  Who is speaking? 

Objectivity is suspect.

 Steve Holzer


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