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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

I think therefore I am. It computes, it whirs, it switches. I feel and I
cry and desire and fear. It does not. I am mortal it is not. I am of
nature, I am not designed nor built nor constructed but came into being
via mum and dad. Oh yes I can analyse too, genes, memes, heart,
dendrites, sodium, carbon, H2O. I can build and create - and there is my
Golem desire - "thou shalt not create a graven image" - to be God, to
shape and control is my desire, to understand, to dissect, to build my
Frankensteinian Bride. To grasp nature, from the flickering flame, the
lightning to the machine that thinks and therefore is, proof of my power
- I too am a machine.
Yet I sleep and dream and fear, dark thoughts - Freudian analysis
explains my subconcious thoughts - remembering the darkness, the
hysterical crowd, the possessed and ritualistic sacrifices to omnipotent
gods - away with all of this in our cyberwomb cities, information at our
fingertips; cocooned, warm and fed, oblivious to our artifical life.
Fleas on the dog of nature, she twitches and rumbles, awakening
uncertainty and fears of old. Madness creeps about with tales of aliens,
cults, witchcraft, ecstasy, horrors and evil deeds. 
The machine morals do not compute. Religious fundamentalisms, cults and
pseudo-scientologies grow patiently.
Machine-meme comforts the fearful flesh at home in the cyberhospice, 
a place of privileged security and comfort in the dark ages to come.

Richard Brown

Research Fellow,
Royal College of Art,
Kensington Gore,
London SW7 2EU.

Tel: 0171 590 4296 (direct line)
Fax: 0171 590 4290


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