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FleshFactor: New World Order, Same Old Shit

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Here's an excerpt from my text: "New World Order, Same Old Shit"
for FleshFactor (from another perspective)...

...Stare reverently into
the screen, that holy place of
the divine portal into the
promises for the next version
the world of the "wired" that
worships unquestionably the
of virtual immortality, the
triumph of the will of the
miracles that will bring
deliverance and utopia.  The
machine is
perfect...the machine is
divine...Big Blue can play
better chess
than that human can...the F16
can outfly its own pilot...that
20G maneuver can save the aircraft
from destruction by the missile
even if it does squash the
pilot...but the machines are
there to make
better war for the humans...they
may even execute war better than
the humans
do...but the machines themselves
have no need for war...only the
humans who built
them to control other humans
have the need for war--war over
over territory...over power.

Humans battle eternally over
their identities. The struggle
over identity, heritage
and land is the fuel for wars
since time immemorial.  Identity
and geography are
"worth fighting over" so the
humans say...so they develop
technology in their own image...
They create machines, and give
them names and places to
an artificial concept that helps
the humans organize the machines
metaphorical regiments that they
can easily understand...and
other humans jump in and
stake claims to "their"
Domains...sometimes to be
evicted, not by
Ethnic-Cleansing Thugs toting
AK47's but by McDonalds toting
dollar Lawyers and tons of
paper...all over a simple
identity...this all only matters
to the humans...not to the
machines to whom identity is
Every node on a network must
have its own unique identity...a
network address number
and a name... if there is an
identity conflict, it just won't
work on the network...
there's no struggle...just no
acknowledgement.  The machine
becomes invisible to the rest
of the network...if it moves to
another location and is given a
new network id it will still
function faithfully without
struggle over its identity or
the desire to regain its past,
and certainly without a war.

The mechanisms of war effect
destruction and waste creating
new opportunities
for the enslavement of the
surviving bodies who assemble
the components
for the next war...the digital
war that moves in to manage the
perception of
those on the "cool"
battlefields, over the modems
and airwaves in the digital
their databodies filling the
ranks of demographic conquests,
targets of advertising,
their input feeding the
furtherance of the oppressive
demands for the output
of other less fortunate enslaved
bodies who struggle to survive
by producing the tools
of their own oppression...

 Paul Garrin


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