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Arghh, folks, can we lose the "end of the empire" vibe? There's a whole,
beautiful, multicultural world out there, with many perspectives that do
not come from Protestant moral ambiguity, and various other
"fundamentalisms."  One thing that on-line types tend to gravitate towards
is a sense of trying to be able to "fully" (in quotes, no less) comprehend
the amazingly dense spectrum of sensory input we are given at any moment
of the electronicized day or night. Sometimes it's good to let the density
wash over you. It's kind of like breathing. You either get air
(information) from your environment, or you just kind of "shut-down." I
have been fascinated with this forum for about four weeks; the
"machine-body" thing, and fear of any sense of "narrative change" has come
to dominate the dialogue. This is the digital dawn, not the digital night.
Things are just starting up, not ending.  Yes, there will probably be
massive change, and economic and social upheaval, but then again, this is
nothing new. On the other hand, this is way past most utopian projections
we have inherited from previous cultures. Sorry to keep sounding like a
didactic novel or something, but I'm just trying to shift the dialogue a
bit. This is actually a relatively decent forum, and getting bogged down
on stuff life fear of change seems, well, a bit boring. 

Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

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