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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

<Identity as a surveillance technology... [Sean Cubitt]

<our media are a second skin at the periphery of the body...    
     [Gerfried Stocker]

These sentences make me react for the first time in this long discussion. 
Our group has been involved in creation with RMI pictures of our brains
since 1992. More and more when I make a movement, a decision, look at the
evolution of a baby, I ask myself what is happening now in my OCCIDENTAL
brain. We have different intelligences and the chemistry which provocates
the reactions between the different areas is so complex that just to have
an "eye" on brain functions is a little step towards understanding what
really happens.  Psychiatry helps us to discover special (dis)functions. 
Sometime we call people a "genius" just because one function is more
developed. It's the case of autistic people.  Ethnologues + sociologues
work on different populations to discover different kind of intelligences
and the dominance of one above the others:  logico-mathematical - space -
body....(my last reading is Howard Gardner).

I don't want to try to explain in a few lines the big field of the brain
but the BRAIN for me is not reducible to flesh. I think that all the new
technologies (cameras, RMI, human analyses) -- the little robots and
machines help me to have a new eye, a new SURVEILLANCE for a better
IDENTITY. It's incredible to understand suddenly how our
logico-mathematical intelligence begins (a child of 20 months begins to
say "the Same" and compare his spoon with a picture of a spoon on the Korn
Flakes box)...how my OCCIDENTAL brain will grow up in one direction and
not an other....while others are using a body intelligence fast without
verbal experiments!! 

Before we speak about machines which can love us, we have a long way to
understand and access our IDENTITY.  The media like a second
skin?....perhaps, which obeys the first skin...I live inside the first
skin, so incredibly rich.  The functionnement is something I can
duplicate, I can duplicate the flesh but what makes this flesh move?... We
reach another step: "the biology of the consciousness"....it's the
beginning of the flesh-activities, the sense of the decision without
really well determined areas....

All the relations I can have with machines are on a very surface level,
(It's like to say I have eaten when I have eaten at McDonalds!!!).  At the
time human beings are losing their IDENTITY and they really need a machine
to bring them back to themselves. A machine will move my brain plasticity.
I'm lucky to think that each experience CAN modify my plasticity and
further my fleshactivity....I have no limits except at the moment when I
no longer know or want to modify myself. 

Isabelle CHEMIN

(more precisely our performance "transNEUROsite")

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