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Dinka Pignon wrote:

>Yes, but what does such a belief imply if not this: Everything we
>comprehend, we can construct. Everything we construct is a machine. 
>If we can comprehend ourselves, i.e. construct ourselves, we are machines too.

Can we construct everything we comprehend?  How fully do we (and can we)
comprehend the given, the stuff of nature?  Is comprehension merely a
cognitive reflection of reality, a metaphor for something "out there", a
symbolic description that serves us as a useful analytical and predictive
tool.  Can we comprehend awareness? happiness?? intelligence???. 

Dj Spooky>>

"This is actually a relatively decent forum, and getting bogged down
on stuff like fear of change seems, well, a bit boring."

Is our technology assisted/driven culture a mechanism that amplifies
rate-of-change, set in a pre-millennium and post-industrial/machine era -
a new and heady concoction, inducing a whole range of reactions: fear,
cool rationalism, escapism, denial and other (perhaps incomprehensible) 

Is this cybernetic system in a positive feedback loop?  And is there not a
feeling of powerlessness whilst being overwhelmed by global concerns
problems disaster events and issues? 

Yet it's hip to be wired, the techno hip hop rave is a digitised connected
experience, anyone can be techno-creative and tune in, drop out with other
like-minded internetters. 

Is it not true (statistically) that more people are turning to the
irrational, trying to get back in touch with nature, being abducted by
aliens, joining cults or mentally escaping from the ever increasing
technology-driven rate of change.  Maybe its a primal reaction - "I am not
a number - I am a human being!" <Prisoner tv series>. 

Are we accidentally being subjected to a William Burroughs/Mysteries of
the Organism (film) <electroshock therapy/love making>
cut-up/flicker/overload effect?

"Maybe what we need is a new vocabulary to describe the biomorphic
apparatuses we use to construct our perception of the world around
us...Sometimes it's good to let the density wash over you. It's kind of
like breathing."  D.j Spooky

The rate of change amplification machine is being applied.
Mental reactions are in order. 

A cognitive shift to a calm acceptance of all the parallel viewpoints on
reality, relaxing with the flow.. (Nothing is true, Everything is
permissible, W. Burroughs) 

The flicker state is maybe upon us. 

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