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Isabelle Chemin wrote:

> These sentences make me react for the first time in this long discussion.
> Our group has been involved in creation with RMI pictures of our brains
> since 1992. More and more when I make a movement, a decision, look at the
> evolution of a baby, I ask myself what is happening now in my OCCIDENTAL
> brain. We have different intelligences and the chemistry which provocates
> the reactions between the different areas is so complex that just to have
> an "eye" on brain functions is a little step towards understanding what
> really happens...

I'm getting back into this discussion after a delay all and I'm very
surprised to see how people seem to represent very "naive" thinking about
flesh and new technologies: I have the feeling I'm reading a SF comic... 
I'm sending this message because I agree with Isabelle Chemin:  How can we
compare a brain with a robot?  How can we say that new techonologies are a
second skin? 

All of these questions are new kind of phantasm, but if we
take a philosophical or psychological point of view, we don't have to
think through various metaphors but through facts and that's all...
About surveillance cameras and new types of computers and all robots which
are working, we can't say that the same things are happening as if they
are human.  When you observe a fact, you don't need to have intelligence
if you are able to analyse and compare, it is OK, but in this case it [a
machine] isn't like an human who is able to anticipate on various
phenomenon. We can speak about human spirit, but I don't know robot

Between humans and new technologies, there is a fundamental difference
based on language: all computer and robots are using language. We say
that, it isn't true.  From a linguistic point of view, they are using
meta-language and meta-code.  All these machines can't evolve their own
languages themselves, they can't generate new codes or meta-signs about
phenomenon they don't know.  At this level, they don't have linguistic
cognition, they can't elaborate phantasms, dreams, or hypothetical ideas,

Humans, through this faculty of cognitive and dynamic language, are able
to have their own consciousness and they can make and evolve their own
signs in interactions with a community.  At this time language is working
and evolving and contributes to define our identity and memory (orality). 

I don't understand all of this excitment about various machines which are
more and more powerful (I'm using computers everyday), which are
generating basically a very simple automation.

We are in 1997, and we are not in 'Blade runner time 2019' with the robot
'NEXUS 6'. When we'll see NEXUS 6, we will be able to speak about
fleshfactor on robots!

Valery Grancher


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