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FleshFactor: Re: re: parenthood as ultimate consumerism

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Rachel Greene wrote:

"but, more and more, technology is making reproductive choices resemble
consumer choices. when we can choose the best product/child via fetal
imaging, or hair color and IQ range for our babies via sperm banks, how
is wanting a child different from wanting a new computer?"

How often are these consumer choices seriously considered as reproductive
options?  I'd always assumed that only a very miniscule minority of women
are fertilized by sperm from Sperm Banks. What exactly is fetal imaging? 
Is this a more advanced type of ultrasound? What sort of choices do
prospective parents make about the fetus based on these images, other than
the decision whether or not to have an abortion in the case of the fetus
being severly deformed or retarded? 

In the case of the Tamaguchi, I think it is fascinationg that the
original Japanese toy will die if you neglect it, while the American
version merely returns to its home planet if you neglect it.  This
reflects greatly on the American desire to compartmentalize death, to
protect us, and especially children from proximity to death.  Perhaps
not unlike the characters in Tolstoy's Ivan Illyich.  Illyich's wife and
colleagues act as though they are protected from death, refusing to
acknowledge that what happened to Illyich will eventually happen to
them, in one way or another.

 Nick Stone


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