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FleshFactor: Get a Chihuahua (was: Parenthood as the Ultimate Consumerism)

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Rachel Greene wrote:

>as technology allows more and more kinds of choices, and as family
>structures change -- for example, anyone, male, female, single, married,
>menstruating or not, can have a tamaguchi -- we will see marketing gurus
>selling and telling more and more of these 'stories.' real babies, virtual
>babies, "the right to choose," tamaguchis, -- all of this confuses me --
>i'd rather go shopping.

Amen, sister...

Actually, I have a chihuahua - she weighs four pounds, eats, sleeps, pees
and poops on a regular basis, and I have to feed her and walk her always -
she too, beeps when she needs things...

I got her for free, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  Cheaper than a tamagochi,
and the value of life isn't lost, here - she wasn't shiny plastic when I
got her, she was mangy skin and bones.  If I don't take care of her, and
she dies, I don't get her back in any way, shape or form, although I could
always go out and GET another one - somehow, though, I don't know if I'd
find myself crying if my tamagochi died... 

 Dori Mondon

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