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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Peter Charlot wrote:

"Fortunately or unfortunately, John Holland invented the genetic
algorithm.  These little beasts change the game.  The computer becomes
organic with these.  Now, I'm your basic Taoist and consider that human
flesh and the words we produce are like a barrel surrounding a center, the
void.  It is this void that is the source of what is called spirit..."

I'm sorry but I didn't want to make a metaphysical allusion...  When I'm
speaking about 'spirit', it is a concept surrounding the human identity
through language we can't define with a special word.  It isn't because we
can't define this concept that we are able to say that "every word we
produce are surrounding a center, the void. and this is this void what is
the source of spirit": 

What a phantasm !!!
Tao and language...
Tao and new technologies, same argument?

I'm not sure, I prefer to think from facts and a philosophical point
of view:

If you read Wittgenstein, you will understand that everything in the
universe can be reduced to the level of language.  And this language is
producing a new kind of phenomenological perception of what is surrounding
us.  And it is at this point we can elaborate metaphor, theory, poems,
everything you want--as psychoanalysis, etc...

I don't think that we can be all right when we mix concepts from various
domains such as philosophy, metaphysics, science.  This kind of a
conceptual mixture or concoction becomes a new kind of fiction. 

I agree that genetic algorithms may launch a great revolution, but at this
time we are at a very experimental, primitive level and I don't see how
"Genetic algorythms function with evolution as their source. So do we". 

Before we say that we need to have very precise results from various forms
of experimentation (at this time I know very little computer psychology)
and have a new Freud for computers, because sometimes these little
machines are depressed because they work so hard .... 

Please be serious .....

Best regards,

Valery Grancher



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