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One Unknown: the Personality

In Architecture, Lebbeus Woods speaks about "freespace", a concept which
recognizes the uncertainty of the use of a space. He challenges young
architects to confront the unknowns and not to design space in terms of
multi-functionality and flexibility. "These terms are euphemisms for

The Technology combined with the market has developed into Multimedia
tools, (more and more in one box). These tools are intended to give us
more and more at the same time. Even if it is true that our brain is able
to analyse sound, pictures, movements, 2D, 3D...I ask myself if these
multimedia products are not euphemisms for uncertainty. In our society
more and more disengaged, unemployed people don't know anymore what they
have to do, their decision-making capabilities are lost (their brains are
'off-line' in a societal sense).

In Science the knowledge of neurologues is walking on the border between
certainty, for some brain functions, and uncertainty when the brain has to
describe, in my case, the Personality.  Is the Personality always in
relation with function--in an engagement with real life demands?  What is
the function of the personality inside our brain...before our
fleshactivities?  What can be the meaning of an expression like

At this time, the concept of Personality is a big challenge for
scientists. They try to locate in the frontal lobes the neural connections
giving us the conscious presence of our ideas, the purposes or reasons we
manage, and plan and organise concrete actions with sense and

And what about the genetic basis of the Personality?  It's essential to
remember that there is NO separation between some knowledge coming from
our genes and our individual self.  "The human is the more epigenetique" 
(Neurologue Jean-Didier Vincent):  ALL our genes are subordinate to the
ENVIRONMENT. Gene technology is a manipulative tool as important now as
bacteriology was in the past century for combatting diseases. But gene
technology can also be a manipulative tool for and against human rights.
Some people may use it to pour forth condemnations or to avoid
responsabilities. The danger is the "FLESH-BACK", "die Verarbeitung" in
our frontal lobes. NATURE (the environment) manipulates, affects our
genes, so we must be very concerned about the changes we are making in our
environment (to Nature, and ultimately to our gray matter): the pollution,
the radioactivity.....

 Isabelle CHEMIN


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