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FleshFactor: Re: Techno-placa #187

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

They're having virtual sex
They're eating virtual food
No wonder these puppets
are always in a lousy mood.

   --Laurie Anderson.

The other day I hung out with a woman that was into the MUD thing, and
I got a chance to experience MUDing first hand.  Hooo boy.  It's bad. 
Really bad.  The first thing I thought was, "What's so bad or terrifying
about real (flesh to flesh) interaction that would make anyone turn to
this as a form of social interaction.  Have we become a culture that is
so far removed from the visceral that we have to hide in MUDs?  Again
I reference the costume ball--although after the ball, that old
social lubricant alcohol kicks in and the masks come off behind locked
doors.  Enter: The Id.

Can anyone tell me of a first-hand experience where a net-based
(sexual) relationship has been successful for any length of time 
when taken out of the virtual and into the real?  I'm sure it happens, but I
bet the disasters are a lot more common.  When is the bandwidth going to
be high enough to transmit someone's pheromones?  Or those subtle
physiological signs we give off when we're lying.

We're not evolving.  We're hiding.


There is another universe inside of this one.

Mark Sottilaro


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