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Dear participants in the FleshFactor forum:

Excuse first, please, my poor knowledge of English.  However, as I feel
that I have something to say about these *human beings-machines opposition*
which has been developed here in the last months, I need to share some
ideas whith you.

Richard Brown wrote: "Perhaps simplistically I define a machine as having
a human-made design - we are not machines by this definition."

Machines have a human-made design. This is true.

Humans, we do not have a human-made design. This is also true.

But consider that as humans we have a non-human-made design, then we have
a non-self-made design.

Machines -- Richard Brown does see them as having human-made design --
have a non-self-made design, as humans have...  Hence, in fact, Brown's
machines and humans are quite similar things.

He is thinking of machines as human productions, which is true. Perhaps it
could be also be interesting to consider them as natural productions.  Wy do
we think of our productions as non-natural? Where is the difference between
natural and artificial? When we give relevance to this difference, we are
thinking of us (humans) as a more relevant aspect of nature than others,
which, despite of the anthropic principle, is not certain.

Is a bird-made nest natural or artificial? This is not such an important
question. For me it is a very important matter that birds can't live as
birds without nests and humans can't live as humans without machines. Who
suggested some days ago that perhaps we were prosthesis of DNA? I believe it
was Steve Holzer. I agree. In fact these nice idea should naturally follow
after reading Richard Dawkins (1976).

Thinking of humans as machines could be a good way to consider us as we are:
one more living species in the huge number of living species in the Universe.
For humans it is perhaps psychologically hard to see themselves as no more
important than other species. It was also hard to accept that Earth moves
arround the Sun: recently, the Catholic Church did accept that Galileo was
not wrong.

 Manuel Berenguer



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