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FleshFactor: dematerialisation

A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Inspired by Dinka [Pignon] and in reference to Derek [Robinson], I'd like
to dematerialise the machine metaphor completely!

Brains may be composed of matter and neuronic entrails, but are alive in
another realm - that of energy. 

Dissecting machines will not reveal any of this - (where are the amusing
"Friends" in the components of a television or vcr?, or that netscape
program in the everchanging bits of memory?, or my grandmother in those

In an era to come, maybe we will view the world through an energy
macrosope, rather than through the decompositional microscope of the
machine metaphor.

Look through this macroscope and see whirls of colour and movement.
There is a dream, a dark sadness, a joyful outburst, a meeting of minds, a
resonance or a disharmony (music of the spheres perhaps).

It's beyond the 3rd dimension and its materiality, its simplistic cause
and effect, a complex whirling of vortices, implications, implosions, an
infinite variety of patterns  - it's insubstantial, everywhere at once,
interacting, untouchable, irrational - too fast, too realtime, too NOW:
where I am - consciousness - an energy at the edge of the past and
future, the crest of a wave in the here and now.



 Richard Brown


Research Fellow,
Computer Related Design,
Royal College of Art,
Kensington Gore,
London SW7 2EU.

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