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Now this is a thread that I seem to want to pull.

Jules Marshall comments, "what might it take for our computers (or
anything else mass produced and replaceable) to be invested with a similar
degree of emotional attachment? 

Ooh, I know, I know. The answer lies nestled comfortably in the 'data'.
And the emotional investment which happened when we created that data. 

Indeed, it's not so much (the example of) the nicked MAC, but the nicked
data environment. And the data in the computer became One, or at least on
a first-name basis with the computer quite some time ago. You and your
handy-tool turned your working relationship into an environment. You
customized it. Your desktop is 'gorgeous, darling.' It was sheer genius
that enabled you to structure all of your different sorts of projects and
ruminations and weird shit that you downloaded in a 1995 ftp-frenzy into a

[[[{{{( I know many a guy with a Netscape collection. All of 'em, every
single version.)}}}]]]

Why don't you throw away that old SoundMachine-game that you never ever
use? Ever. Because you like it, and someday you're going to fulfill your
goal of hacking it and changing all the sounds and pics and sending it to
your friend in LA as a birthday present attachment. Boy, won't he be

Tell me you're not thrilled with the way you filled in your second brain. 
And your third one. And the way you tirelessly skirt around that big
collective one. 

It's your favourite extended phenotype, admit it. That doesn't mean that
you're going to necessarily want to open up the 'ol veins when the machine
gets nicked, but you made that machine your very own. Now think of all the
books in your library that you'll never read again, although you'd rather
not entertain thoughts of doing without them.

Man, the glue in your Phillip K. Dick collection will have long since
vaporized before your kids (should you ever get around to having them) get
around to reading them. 

Speaking of extended phenotypes, good example, them books.....all of a
sudden there was so much stuff to remember that folks just had to start
writin' it down to keep it from disappearing into thin air. 

 Debra Solomon



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