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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"


I entirely accept the idea that nature is a continuum. The organic and
inorganic, the machine and the flesh, the perceived and the conceived, are
infinitely interconnected. The difference is merely semantic, and reflects
the vocabulary preferences of different disciplines. Given enough
discussion, even our deliciously motley crew of Fleshfactor writers will
evolve a set of common metaphors, start inviting each other to parties,
get drunk, have sex, and procreate. A generation of little FleshFactors
will grow up with a new hybrid language -and more importantly, a
synthesis of morals distilled from an exchange of values lurking in the
subtext of our discourse. Those morals have existential impact, and give
emotional shape to the dematerialized machine, the sheer energy, that
Richard Brown just so poetically referred to.


The moral factor upon which the flesh of my brain is now sizzling is the
indecency of this New York City heat. Perhaps that's too romantic a view
of heat. The problem may be the lack of ozone which is giving the sun's
rays a particular bite these days. And ozone depletion is a good example
of where MORE, not less, communication between modes of thought and
between disciplines, would help improve conditions. Auto manufacturers,
ecologists, and the sea of sizzling epidermis at large need to exchange a
bit of information, no matter how difficult. 

I entirely agree with Dinka Pignon, who says she has "a definite feeling
that 'domain-merging', even if indiscriminate, can generate nourishing
food for thought." To my multi-sensory being, the interconnection of
impressions is the essence of thought. No matter how awkward or funky, the
interconnection of opinions between different worldviews and disciplines
is the essence of democracy. Precise, elegant pain is the essence of
fascism.  Take your pick. Come to think of it -and this is for all the
panacea-hunters in the militia movement- fascism never lasts long. Any
inflexible creature, whether social or zoological, is always outpaced by
hoards of agile, adaptible competitors. Evolution has a way with fascists
(and other inflexible machines). As Manuel Berenguer just noted, even the
Catholic Church is beginning to bend as it concedes some conceptual ground
to Galileo. 

The point, I guess, is that we're swimming upon this delirious, wheezing,
farting creature called Earth, and trying desperately to link and re-link
its myriad fibres and modalities. This very discussion is a part of Earth's
linkage fever. Heat increases with friction, but it's a necessary
inducement to the invention of moral cooling factors.


The struggles to communicate within this discussion remind me of an
important domain of our emerging bionic culture which has always been of
interest to me: the need to continuously invent a moral vocabulary as
historical conditions change. Morals can be seen as social algorithms which
lubricate the awkward correspondance between the modes and disciplines, and
between the humans and their extensions into machines and other systems.
They draw attention to continuous need to extract pleasure from the
process, and to avoid pain.

The best part of this discussion is the inadvertant phrases which reveal an
active etiquette at work, and efforts to put forward moral obligations.
Here are a few I've culled out of previous dialogue:

Tom Sherman:    "...so we're pleased to offer it to you."

Oliver Hockenhull: "my finger is damp on the pad and the cursor is thus

Oliver Hockenhull: "I would maintain that this social network extends
throughout the world and should also demand in the West a retrieval of
modes of perception (of the world, of the body, and of consciousness) that
are more ambiguous, amorphic, dimensional and compassionate." 

Mark Sottilaro: "Deus ex machina!"

Rose Stasuk:  "What I offer for coherence is my personality and a flexible

Joachim Eckl:  "My thinking is confused between my own thoughts and those
coming out of the foreign language." 

Jill Scott:  "Without a conscious transformation of our desires we will
still need to question the applications and implications of technological

Mark Weiser:  "There is no original, there is only permeability of the
past into the present and into the future, and permeablility of me into
you.  Draw the boundary anywhere, it is always arbitrary." 

Richard Brown:  "Post-millenium [AI] should empower and enlighten." 


-Ebon Fisher


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