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Taking the emotion/machine thread and twisting it round (on itself?):

Last night I viewed a TV programme where:
a) A Russian chap sped his heart by will power alone to 130 bpm then
down to 32 bpm - being monitored by sophisticated medical equipment -
not a hoax (I can also do this - but no way near these rates)
b) Some researcher based in Las Vegas conducts experiments on the
influence of mind over chance - his oddest one being the monitoring of a
number of random number generators over the US and the possible
connections between mass emotional states mediated by TV - one case
being the OJ Simpson trial - apparently when we are all focussed
mentally on an issue the random numbers become less random....

And there is hypnosis -- 
Heat blisters caused by suggesting a hot object is being applied when it
is actually a cold pen.
Someone becoming invisible by suggestion.
The most ugly experiment of suggesting someone is being bled to death
accompanied by the sound of running water (early "succesful" experiment
on condemned prisoner).

So? Mind over matter (over machines?) and there are those that can
apparently read emotions imbued in objects. 

With TV & Internet perhaps we become a huge cyberbrain with the ability
to influence the so called machine/material world - maybe we can all 'en
masse' visualise the non-functioning of bad machines (cars, guns, mass
weapons of destruction). Just a whimsical, idealistic thought...

A whimsical idea? At the University of Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory, the
Theory of Condensed Matter Group is researching the mind matter connection
and is quite serious: 
Mind Matter Unification/The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Taken from the above site:  "Science explores the objective realm, while
conscious experience, being subjective in nature, cannot readily be
objectified. Science, in the form conceived by most scientists, lacks both
the language and the methodology for understanding consciousness and the
important role that consciousness plays in the life of the individual and
society. The collaboration is concerned with developing tools and methods
of thought that will be adequate to the challenge that this presents." 
Richard Brown

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