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A E C  F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Returning from an intense workshop on 3D Animation i want to mention a
sensation, felt during the animation-work done there and a childhood
experience i suddenly remembered on a ride by car after that.

In brief:  after staring intensely a whole day at the screen in order to
get my animations on, i drove with a friend to a nearby town, to shoot
some videos for him there. On this ride i became sea-sick like in my
childhood during the vacational travels in the car of my parents.  We
stopped, i jumped out, fell into a meadow and found my gravity again. 

Not a big thing - but i just think, that our experience is a skin, similar
to the 'skins' mentioned in many articles on communication theory. This
skin does not only cover me, but limits different access zones. The skin
of my experience doesn't seem tangible to me in the same way as the actual
skin of another person in my environment...  I don't have free access to
this 'skin', but i'm strongly influenced by it. It seems to me, that the
flesh surrounded by this skin is not that of an in-dividual but rather
that of an "dividual", a kind of body rather strongly industrialised. So i
hang on to the idea, that the industrialised body (in the car) has a
strong relation to the body of the coming 'communicational ages' and can
appear as paths to the understanding of body politics.  I'm not willing to
get romantic on this matter--i'd rather like to get clear on it.

 Ferdinand Stahl


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